√Čtudes : Kevin Volans

Jill Richards and Kevin Volans (2022)

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20 Janets : Playgroup

B.J. Engelbrecht, Jurgen Meekel and Jill Richards (2021)

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violin:piano : Kevin Volans

Jill Richards and Waldo Alexander (2015)

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Cicada: Kevin Volans

Jill Richards and Mathilda Hornsveld (1999)

Complete Works For Solo Piano 1994 - 2004 : Michael Blake

Jill Richards (2008)

Concerto for Piano and Eight Instruments, From the Poets, Sonata for Violin and Piano : Peter Klatzow

Jill Richards, Piet Koornhof (1996)

A Programme of South African Piano Music

Jill Richards, Lamar Crowson, Peter Klatzow (1992)

Flute Salad

Leslie Sheills, Jill Richards (1990)